How to Store Joints – 7 Mistakes to Avoid


Ever opened a drawer to find an old joint and thought, “Is this still good?”

Storing your joints correctly isn’t just about keeping them out of sight; it’s about preserving their freshness, potency, and flavor. Many cannabis enthusiasts learn the hard way that a poorly stored joint can lead to a less enjoyable experience.

Let’s save you from that disappointment. In this guide, we’ll cover seven common storage mistakes to avoid, ensuring every joint you light up is as good as the day you rolled or bought it.

Get ready to up your storage game and enjoy your cannabis to its fullest!

1. Beware the Light: Avoiding Exposure

Exposure to light is one of the fastest ways to degrade the quality of your cannabis.

Ultraviolet light from the sun can break down cannabinoids and terpenes, diminishing the potency and flavor of your joints. To protect your stash, store your joints in a dark place.

Using opaque, UV-protected containers can significantly extend their shelf life by shielding them from harmful rays. Remember, when it comes to preserving cannabis, the darker the environment, the better the protection.

2. Keeping It Cool: Temperature Matters

Heat is a major enemy of cannabis preservation.

High temperatures can cause cannabinoids to deteriorate, which reduces the effectiveness of your joints. Avoid storing your cannabis near heat sources such as windows that receive direct sunlight, electronics, or appliances that generate heat.

Ideally, your joints should be stored in a cool, stable environment—think of a cupboard away from the stove or a drawer away from electronic devices. A temperature-controlled environment ensures that the essential compounds in your cannabis stay intact, maintaining its quality and potency for every smoke.

3. Managing Moisture: Humidity Is Key

Humidity control is crucial for preserving the integrity of your joints.

Cannabis stored in conditions that are either too humid or too dry can suffer. High humidity can lead to mold, while low humidity can dry out cannabis, making it brittle and less enjoyable.

The optimal relative humidity for storing cannabis is between 59% and 63%. For serious cannabis enthusiasts, investing in humidity packs and a hygrometer to measure and control humidity levels can be a game changer.

This helps maintain the perfect moisture level to keep your joints fresh and ready for use.

4. Airtight Solutions: Seal the Freshness

Air exposure can significantly affect the longevity and quality of your joints.

Oxygen, a catalyst for the chemical reaction known as oxidation, can rapidly accelerate the degradation process, resulting in stale, less potent cannabis. Storing your joints in airtight containers, such as glass jars or specially designed cannabis storage containers, can effectively prevent this unwanted exposure.

These containers not only block air but also help regulate the humidity within, creating an ideal microenvironment for your cannabis. This regulation ensures your joints remain potent and flavorful, preserving the delicate balance of terpenes and cannabinoids that define their quality.

When choosing storage containers, opt for materials that do not impart any odors or flavors to your cannabis. Glass and metal with non-reactive coatings are excellent choices because they maintain the purity of your joints without altering their natural properties.

Additionally, investing in high-quality, airtight storage solutions can be a game-changer for long-term cannabis storage. Not only do these containers keep out unwanted air, but they also prevent the ingress of environmental pollutants like dust and smoke, which can further degrade your cannabis.

By choosing the right storage solutions, you ensure that each joint you light up delivers the maximum effect, taste, and satisfaction you expect.

5. Don’t Baby Sit That Joint

Cannabis is best enjoyed when it’s fresh.

Although it’s tempting to keep that special joint for future occasions, cannabis generally has a better flavor and effect within the first few months of storage. Beyond this period, the quality begins to degrade, no matter how ideal the storage conditions are.

To enjoy the optimal experience, consume your joints within a couple of months and buy in quantities that you can realistically use within this timeframe. This practice not only ensures quality but also helps in enjoying your cannabis joint when it’s at its best.

6. Hands Off: Minimize Handling

Frequent handling of your joints can lead to physical damage and loss of trichomes—the tiny, potent crystals that cover the surface of cannabis.

Each touch can potentially remove these trichomes, reducing the overall potency and experience. To minimize handling, store your joints in an easily accessible yet secure location where you won’t need to move them often.

This could be a dedicated section of your cannabis storage box or a special compartment in your drawer. Handling your joints as little as possible will help preserve their integrity and potency.

7. Start with Quality: Choose High-Quality Joints

The initial quality of your cannabis significantly influences how well it stores.

High-quality joints made from premium strains not only offer a better experience but also tend to have a longer shelf life. Inferior quality cannabis, on the other hand, may contain impurities and degrade faster.

Investing in high-quality products like those offered by reputable dispensaries ensures you start with a product that can maintain its potency and flavor over time. Always choose well-crafted joints from trusted sources to ensure you get the most out of your cannabis.

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